Sunday, April 15, 2007

my thoughts on Arundhati Roy

We are among one of the greatest thinkers, philosophers, and literary artists of our time. Her gutsy brawl and equally as composed wit provokes my mind and wins my heart. Roy's global consiousness distinguishes her from otherwise tunnel-visioned nationalists. I adore Arundhati: her ideas, her imagination, her charm. She is a modern-day Marxist.

Roy has not succumb to the intoxicant of celebrity. She can only move slow and strong against the current. Towards her innate moral fibre. Towards all the she is and will never betray.

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Dee and Lauren said...

Hello! Dee, here, from You commented on my review of "The Namesake," but I didn't see an option to comment on yours, so I'm posting here. First of all, great review! I agree with your thoughts and observations. Secondly, I LOVE Arundhati Roy; "The God of Small Things" is one of the most remarkable novels I've ever read. Thanks for your thought-provoking posts - keep it up!

My name is Rahul Mediratta. said...

Hey Dee,

Thanks for the comments. Arundhati Roy is definitely incredible. I've especially fallen in love with her speeces/essays. You can check out cool video footage of them at: