Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Million Little Pieces - James Frey

Last week I finished reading James Frey's controversial memoires entitled A Million Little Pieces. For those of you who are not aware, this book spurred alot of heat in the popular media after investigations revealed that Frey's memoires were highly exaggerated.

The book opens with Frey awaking on a plane with a broken nose, with a hole in his cheek, and three teeth too poor. Frey has seen more cocaine, alcohol, crystal methamphetamine, and crack than any 22-year old should have ever been involved in, let alone any individual at any age.

Reader's discretion is advised. Parts of this book are highly disturbing, graphic, and terrifying. While flipping through the pages, I can remember saying to myself 'I regret ever picking up this book'. But, I continued reading, knowing that I would eventually find myself at a more hopeful end.

Even still, I am happy that I read Frey's work. Against all odds and decades of research that support faith-based treatment for alcoholism, Frey rejects what he understands to be cultures of addiction and rehabilitation that prey on dependancy and submission...submission to either a substance/drug or (in the case of treatment) a higher power. Against all odds, Frey successfully defeats what he characterizes as his inner 'rage' without walking the prescribed 12 steps...

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if perhaps you mean "critique" when you say "criticize", in your "About Me" column? To criticize means to find fault with. To critique is to evaluate or analyze.
I, too, admire Khaled Hosseini's writing. It's a wonderful model to follow, if you also wish to become a writer. Best wishes. /Jean

My name is Rahul Mediratta. said...

Hi Jean,

thank you for the input. I think I agree with you that my blog, more or less, critiques rather than criticizes. thank you!

As part in parcel to my other career goals, becoming a writer is definitely a practice I am building and one that I hope I will be successful at.

Based one what you have read on my blog so far, and other passages that you might now consider browsing, do you feel that I might have an audience?

Thanks for your feedback.

Anonymous said...

Since you asked for my opinion: yes, I think your writing might well have an audience. Write about what you know best, what you care most about. All good writers will tell you the same. BTW, the correct expression is "part and parcel"...something vital, necessary. Please excuse my presuming to correct you! Good luck
to you. /Jean

Bie said...

This book although maltreated by accusations of twisted facts and fraud, is an amazing story. Fact or fiction this book shed a light on me as to what addiction is like.

I really enjoyed the book…it was totally entertaining!