Sunday, April 15, 2007

Targeting areas divides the city

In response to a Toronto Star article, entitled 'Urban dream deferred', I had the following response published in the Editorial section of the Star's April 12th issue:

The aerial map depicting 13 of Toronto's high-risk areas further ghettoizes these neighbourhoods. Businesses and banks are discouraged from setting up shop. Royson James calls for targeted investments in these areas. But the solution lies in greater investment toward supports that service everyone. Universal programs are less alienating and serve to unify all of the residents within a city.

Rahul Mediratta, Toronto

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Ekta Talwar said...

Hey Rahul,
On Sept 13, I attended a public consultation meeting organized by the 31 division, Toronto Police Service at Jane & Driftwood. they presented a midterm report on their close-circuit TV project.
you can read more about it on their website, i thought you mind find it interesting. The goal is to study the impact of it on crime levels in these 'high-risk' areas. 12 million dollars have been spent on stationing CCTV cameras in the Jane & Finch area, Scarborough and Downtown, Entertainment district, for a pilot project of six months duration. The cameras are not monitored but merely referred to if a known crime has occurred in the area. Every 96 hours the memory is rerecorded over, there by leaving no lasting records.
Talk about planting benign scare-cows.