Monday, September 17, 2007

poetry: [untitled]

Shining bright, emitting light.
Whole and nearly unfathomable. Omnipresent and large.
Dusky rays nurse the streets to sleep; indiscriminately spreading her incandescence.
Reminding me of our infinite and universal connections; the relationship I was finally building with you all.
Under her gentle guise, we fantasize. Suggestive explorations into the extreme.
I was slipping into a darkness where souls seek to be lost. But she caressed me. She smothered me. She reminded me: I am not alone, We cannot be alone.
Suffering and joy forever bind us, and to our personhood we are forever bound.
“And good night,” she whispered. “Tonight I am done.”
April 30th, 2007
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.: :. said...

"It is the sun's approach which removes darkness"

- Akha

Anonymous said...

I'm a York undergrad student and I just read an article about you! It made me cry! I wish you with all my heart success in your studies and your life!!