Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Best Store in the World - Visit Smash.To

Ionda swears that Smash is the best store in the world. She is lovely gorgeous stylish glamourous; do not bother trying to disagree with this creature of grace, and, especially, because Smash has the goods to back up their claim. Self-proclaimed as a "best source of quality salvage materials, vintage fixtures and character architectural pieces", I cannot capture in words a better description.

Smash is, in fact, the best store in the world. I dare you to prove us (i.e. Ionda and myself) otherwise. I have had the privilege of sorting through the junkiest wildest of markets; Portobello and Camden in London, Porta Pese in Rome, Janpath and Chandni Chowk in New Delhi, Chor Bazaar in Bombay, Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, Kensington Market in Toronto, (just playing). Smash is impressive.

What sets apart Smash? The goods are on a size so grand so impressive so stunning so surprisingly affordable! A grandiose flag of the Union Jack drapes the wall behind the cash register. A spiral staircase (from the brownstone era?) cushions a corner in the far back. A metres-wide mural of Vegas, painted by a Chicago-based artist, has caught the attention of a museum. Several pieces are rented for film shootings.

I had my eye on a vintage punch card holder which (during some decade) displayed when employees signed-in and -out of work. I imagine it can display my postcards.

Learn more about Smash at Smash.To and Browse their inventory at

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Anonymous said...

i have to check out this place when i visit toronto next month. if i end up purchasing some oversized thing of beauty, you will pay for my shipping and handling back to london!