Sunday, October 11, 2009

In the Loop (2009)

Step into a circus of policy and politics. Committees are both ad hoc and absurd. Political staff are pre-pubescent. The media is manipulated; nearly puppeterred. Consequences are on a grand proportion. And the film remains fantastically light-hearted through all of it.

In the Loop (2009) satirically narrates coordination and calculation of democracy on a national-, then cross-national- and, eventually, global-scale. The UK is expressly and accidentally considering war. The US is split and partisans on either side are seeking British alliance. All culminates at a meeting of the UN.
The protagonist, a capricious Minister in Westminster (i.e Westminster is a pet name for the British Parliament), can be likened to the manager in The Office, a fantastic and original mockumentary starring Ricky Gervais in the UK and Steve Carell in the US.

The ringmaster is a hot-headed and mouthy Director of Communications, played by Peter Capaldi. His fluency with the political process is matched with wit so priceless that it effectually excuses his violent arrogance and crass offences. Capaldi is the silver lining.

It is wonderful to see Anna Chlumsky all grown up (as a girl, Chlumsky was popularily cast as Vada in My Girl and My Girl 2). Chlumsky portrays a young and rising civil servant whose character is all-at-once intelligent naive vulnerable smart. Her performance is bang-on.

Venture across the Atlantic, from the UK to the US, Westminster to DC, Big Ben to Capitol Hill, Downing Street to the White House, and laugh at all that is ridiculous terrible tragic in our corner of the world.

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Eugene said...

Review was short and sweet, like me la. Appreciate it.

Globalist said...

with this and future postings, i am definitely aiming to be brief. i think past postings were onerous for those interested in a more peripheral read.

and by the way, similar to my posting, you may be short and sweet, but you're also unbecomingly bitter :P love ya like ur mother!