Friday, October 30, 2009

Steve Paikin! Live Taping of TVO's The Agenda

The Agenda aired live from the Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto. My colleague and I were fortunate enough to score tickets for seating in the live audience! The host, Steve Paikin, was charming. Paikin requested that I pick up his script from the floor and read aloud, should he fall into cardiac arrest. I interpreted Paikin's directive as a sign of his severe dedication to the job; how loyal!

The Agenda is a current affairs program produced by TVOntario. Much like the host, Paikin, the program is an intellectual gem. Topics are select and explored in-depth. Panel members span geographic, political, and professional globes. Interaction between guests and viewers is most democratic, with a variety of communications being promoted, including podcasts, blogs, live web submissions, and live audiences. At times, the ubiquitous channels of communication seem in excess. I am happier, though, to have such varied access.

View a free videocast of the episode I attended, 20 Years Later: The Fall of the Berlin Wall, at

*images have been captured by myself


Anonymous said...

i was at the shooting of this episode! it was pretty cool. i've never been to a live taping. i almost felt nervous being 'on screen' sorta.

Anonymous said...

Steve Paikin should run for office. He is so much more articulate and credible and informed than our greasy politicians. It seems like every tom, dick and harry is running for Toronto Mayor. Bring on the Paikin!