Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Remembrance to Pay Reverence

Remember today, and everyday, that we should be grateful to our veterans of war. We agree and disagree with the declared and undeclared reasons for war, the highly potential sacrifice of brave and ambitious youth, and the sometimes clear but mostly convoluted costs and benefits of battle, among a myriad of other debates. But let us only agree that our veterans are selfless; who, on directive from governing power, defend justice, integrity, and order at the highly probable risk of death.

When veterans return to our countries and communities, we need to welcome them, embrace them, and applaud them. Applaud those who return, and those who shall not return, so fiercely, to demonstrate our respect and debt. And let their stories push us to create a tomorrow free of veterans.

**image courtesy of teddington.richmond.sch.uk

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