Sunday, June 12, 2011

poetry: Sweet Burning

Sometimes the way that I act makes you wonder
What I am to you
Sometimes you can't stand the way that I'm acting
To be part of the things you do

I feel I've asked you for too much of your time
Like I'm stealing
And when I realize that I am out here
Still waiting
I turn away

Oh baby can't you
Put your loving arms around me
And whisper to me
When you put your loving arms around me

Because without your arms I'm burning

Put some loving arms around me
Please baby whisper to me
When I'm inside your arms
Or else I'm burning

I'm burning
Sweet burning

(Adopted and modified from Kelly Overton's - Your Loving Arms)
image is my own. photographed en route from the red line to the blue line on Chicago's Transit Authority

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