Thursday, May 15, 2014


music to experience...

  2014 Spring: Green Mill Jazz Club, with Pat Mallinger Quarter featuring Bill Carrothers 

 2013 Summer: graduate school in Chicago requires some gritty blues music at the B.L.U.E.S. on Halsted club, open every night since 1979

2013 Summer: extended research work at the US National Archives in Washington DC beget endless pitchers of sangria at the weekly Jazz in the Sculpture Garden 

2013 Summer: during an extended research visit at Stanford University I frequented San Francisco for the sweet culture and spicy fun, including Shitty Shitty Band Band at the Make-Out Room in the Mission District

Spring 2013: a friend from Toronto visited me for a weekend of "stockings down... gin... buckle shoes... aspirin... and all that jazz!" at the infamous Green Mill Jazz Bar in Chicago -- Al Capone's old hangout

2011 Summer: nostalgia, as Thievery Corporation performed at the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago

2011 Summer: a friend who is a film maker brought me to experimental jazz at Multikulti in the Wicker Park area of Chicago

2010 Fall: friend and fellow PhD student performs at Jai Ho!, a queer Indian monthly at Big Chicks in Chicago

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