Saturday, October 5, 2013

Etching Ourselves into Digital Eternity: Social media as the modern autobiographer

I began this here blog, entitled Winston in Wonderland, in 2007 which was six years back. My unabashed objective at the time was to showcase knack for frank critique, charming wit, and sexy snap shots of hot topics so as to capture the attention of some platform in popularized intellectual culture – perhaps a publisher, suppose a current affairs television program.  My best friend introduced me to this idea, during which time she followed bloggers-turned-cultural magnates, such as Rantings of a Sandmonkey of Egypt.  I have since expanded my self-expression to other platforms.  These include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  And I have found that sifting through archives of these latter-mentioned channels of social media – FB, and so on -- is incredibly useful to generate blog postings.  Social media is the modern auto-biographer; launching our experiences into the commons the moment they occur, and archiving our memories into digital eternity. 

Riverfront Heritage Trail of Kansas City, Missouri, USA

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