Friday, January 24, 2014

What to pass when you're asked for the gravy, in Delhi

From left-to-right is Indian butter chicken, Chinese black bean chicken, and Thai green curry chicken.  Enjoy these with steamed rice, or perhaps noodles.  Have some chunks of chicken and plenty of sauce, or is it gravy?

If you are asked to pass the gravy in Delhi, you should reach for what you think of as the sauce -- assuming you are North American. Gravy is the term that Delhites use for what North Americans refer to as sauce. Delhites also use the term gravy to refer to what North Americans refer to as gravy. And when Delhites ask for sauce, they are referring to any number of condiments that North Americans typically refer to with more specificity, such as 'pass the ketchup, or mustard, or chilli sauce, or soy sauce,' and so on.

Are you sufficiently confused? Do not worry, because last night it was chiseled into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  A Bengali hosted dinner for her three non-Bengali friends -- a Uttarakhand pahadi mountain man, a Mauritian-born Sindhi, and a Canadian-born Punjabi -- and them four argued tooth and nail, before they agreed upon the following:

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